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What is Computer data processing?

Computer data processing is a general term for all methods and approaches dealing with the acquisition and the processing of information and date by means of electronic machines and computers.

Why is this important?

In Radar remote sensing the interpretation of data is exclusively based on digital processing of information. In contrast to multispectral remote sensing approaches, where the interpretation of analog information was used (at least in the beginning years of the evolving science) every SAR image is delivered as digital information. Therefore, SAR-EDU provides some basic hints on digital computer data processing and computer science.

The processing of SAR data can be applied in different way. One the one hand it is possible to use existing software packages to process, visualize or analyze data. On the other hand SAR users, especially scientists, have to face programming issues in order to extract the desired information for the data. Therefore, SAR-EDU provides a basic introduction in three commonly used programming languages in radar remote sensing [LINK].

Useful links

In the following you can find some useful links and books to get involved with digital data processing and programming: